Stage Retail – for MFG and Retails


  • STAGE Retail helps servicing of Retail Orders of Customers by purchasing goods or manufacturing to stock.
  • The design team creates the styles to be sold for the season and picks up Orders from customers through road shows, replenishment orders, through salesmen etc.
  • STAGE Retail ERP Software helps to accurately allocate stock to customer orders booked by the merchandisers.
  • Allocation can be done by the user on an order to order basis or run a fully automatic allocation program for all orders based on availability of stock.
  • Based on the despatch advice, the packing department can do a scan and pack of the goods and the Software will prepare a Delivery note and Invoice.
  • This can be integrated with the accounts module.
  • Returns are tracked in stores and accounts.
  • Masters are available for Taxes, MRP and Discount Sales with effective periods.
  • A point of sale module helps to do sales in Show Rooms with integration to accounts.
  • Many drill down MIS Reports help the user to track order fulfilment, new items to be manufactured or purchased etc.

Some salient features of STAGE RETAIL

  • Style wise template for orders and BoM.
  • Bulk manufacturing of garments against projected sales.
  • Automatic repeat facilities for projection orders from Template styles based on Template Order and BOM
  • Stock maintenance against projected orders (made to stock).
  • Stock allocation for individual sales orders and bulk allocation for multiple orders as stock arrives in stores automatically based on FIFO.
  • Season-wise barcodes for Finished Garment Items
  • Barcode Scanning option at all inward and despatch levels
  • Retail Warehousing with stock allocation / despatch
  • Accounts integration for retail sales.
  • Point of Sales
  • Point of Sales integration with STAGE main inventory and STAGE Accounts system