Production Planning & Management Software

  • STAGE Production Planning Module seamlessly integrates with the rest of STAGE ERP.
  • Production Planning is done on the Planning Board.
  • Line capacities are defined. Based on the SAM for each garment the daily capacities are filled up.
  • The planning person can plan merchandiser’s orders, transfer orders in part or full from one line to another by easy drag and drop method.
  • The colour change will indicate which orders are running late and for which orders critical items are not in house.
  • Based on this the user can drag and drop to change orders from one line to another in the same factory as well to other factories
  • No data entry required on the planning board. All data are extracted from STAGE ERP dynamically and results are displayed automatically on the planning board.
  • From each style on the planning board, you can drill down to Production Graph, Inventory status, T & A, Sample status and also helps you plan over time for delayed styles.
  • STAGE PPM is integrated with T & A and reports on Expected Completion Dates can be generated.