Production Management Software

  • PROMAN is a production management software which monitors all activities on the shop floor from time study and production planning till the garment is finished and packed.
  • It smoothly integrates all the operations in a garment factory and generates very useful MIS reports to remove bottlenecks and improve productivity.
  • This can also seamlessly integrate with STAGE or work independently.
  • PROMAN improves profitability, reduces production costs, improves product quality.
  • PROAMN identifies bottlenecks in the Production Line and alerts the line supervisor so that the problem can be addressed and production in the line can be balanced.
  • Work In Progress at each location can be generated
  • Option to plan capacities with learning curves.
  • Automatic MIS Report Generation can save a lot of time for users by avoiding manual / spreadsheet reports.
  • PROMAN also has the option to track daily production using bundles tickets with barcode.
  • Payroll based on wages or piece rate can be applied.

Proman 3.0 Modules :

Time Study, Production Scheduling, Fabric QC, Lay register, Bundle ticketing, Production Tracking, Finishing, Quality Control, MIS Reporting, Machine Inventory, Repairs and Maintenance, Security, Payroll

Proman Reports

  • Factory Production Report
  • Bottleneck Report
  • WIP Report
  • Machine Deployment Analysis
  • PPDPM Report (Graph and Data)
  • Day wise Factory Summary
  • Bundle Tracking Report
  • Production Summary Department wise
  • Daily Production Summary Factory wise
  • Line wise daily Production Report
  • Daily Finishing Report
  • Skill Assessment Report
  • Daily Cutting Report
  • Incentive Statement Report
  • P.O. Status Report
  • Piece Rate Report
  • Factory Efficiency Report
  • End batch, Finishing & AQL Reports
  • Employee Efficiency Range Report
  • Finishing & Packing Reports
  • End bit Stock Report
  • Machine and Spare Parts Inventory Reports