Production Management Software

PROMAN can handle :

  • Production Planning (your requirement mentioned in the mail)
    1. Import Orders from core ERP
    2. Define line capacities
    3. Do planning by drag and drop on the planning board
    4. Integrate with the shop floor data
    5. Colour change indicators for delayed production
    6. Drill down to see cumulative plan vs actual graph and data
    7. Check the T&A Status
    8. Check the sample status
    9. Expected production delays
    10. Other reports
  • Fabric, trims inward into the production unit
  • Cut Plan
  • Cutting and Bundle ticketing (with barcode)
  • Cutting QC

Barcode scanning for :

  • Issue/receipt for panel printing and embroidery
  • Issue to lines
  • end line scanning
  • finishing
  • Endline display system to boost productivity


  • How to eliminate wrong packing….
  • You can upload packing instructions from excel into STAGE (downloaded from Buyer portal) or follow your own packing instruction.
  • Barcode stickers can be generated and pasted on the cartons.
  • Based on this, packer can scan the carton barcode and then scan upc barcodes of the pieces to be packed and put into the carton.
  • If wrong sku is put in the carton, system will beep and stop.
  • From packing area, cartons can be scanned and moved to dispatch warehouse or to inspection room by scanning the carton barcodes.
  • Defective pieces can be scanned and removed.
  • Option to unpack scanned cartons and repack after corrections.
  • Scan rack barcode, carton barcodes and allocate cartons in racks
  • Pick cartons for container loading, Scan cartons and load containers.
  • Generate packing list and invoice from PROMAN.
  • The above features will save a lot of time and man power in material handling.

API for importing data from any business application :

  • Orders with destination wise shipping info, MRP, stock

Optional modules :

  • Payroll
  • Machine Repairs and Maintenance
  • Fixed Assets Register
  • PROMAN is a production management software which monitors all activities on the shop floor from time study and production planning till the garment is finished and packed.
  • It smoothly integrates all the operations in a garment factory and generates very useful MIS reports to remove bottlenecks and improve productivity.
  • This can also seamlessly integrate with STAGE or work independently.
  • PROMAN improves profitability, reduces production costs, improves product quality.
  • PROAMN identifies bottlenecks in the Production Line and alerts the line supervisor so that the problem can be addressed and production in the line can be balanced.
  • Work In Progress at each location can be generated
  • Option to plan capacities with learning curves.
  • Automatic MIS Report Generation can save a lot of time for users by avoiding manual / spreadsheet reports.
  • PROMAN also has the option to track daily production using bundles tickets with barcode.
  • Payroll based on wages or piece rate can be applied.

Proman 3.0 Modules :

Time Study, Production Scheduling, Fabric QC, Lay register, Bundle ticketing, Production Tracking, Finishing, Quality Control, MIS Reporting, Machine Inventory, Repairs and Maintenance, Security, Payroll

Proman Reports

  • Factory Production Report
  • Bottleneck Report
  • WIP Report
  • Machine Deployment Analysis
  • PPDPM Report (Graph and Data)
  • Day wise Factory Summary
  • Bundle Tracking Report
  • Production Summary Department wise
  • Daily Production Summary Factory wise
  • Line wise daily Production Report
  • Daily Finishing Report
  • Skill Assessment Report
  • Daily Cutting Report
  • Incentive Statement Report
  • P.O. Status Report
  • Piece Rate Report
  • Factory Efficiency Report
  • End batch, Finishing & AQL Reports
  • Employee Efficiency Range Report
  • Finishing & Packing Reports
  • End bit Stock Report
  • Machine and Spare Parts Inventory Reports