Why Migrate from Other ERP to STAGE

  • So that you can leave the hassles of running your business to a fully integrated, end to end ERP Software and focus on scaling up.
  • If you have chosen an ERP Software and have already began to feel whether you have made the right decision then you have to weigh these aspects before you take the next step :
    1. Is the vendor or his representatives not able to get the hang of your requirement in full
    2. Do you have a feeling that you have invested heavily in the ERP software, but is not giving what it was supposed give and you feel bad about the investment you have already made.
    3. Do you have a feeling that the vendor is dragging his feet in delivering the complete ERP Software solution
    4. In spite of your investment in the ERP Software, do you still need other applications to run many other areas of your business not covered by the ERP software.
    5. Is it already too long since the ERP Software Implementation should have been completed and still the completion doesn’t seem to be in sight.
  • There is no point in throwing good money after bad money.
  • Your business cannot wait, you have not achieved the business benefits originally intended to be given by the ERP Software.
  • If you don’t have the right software working for you then your business is at great risk !
  • Even the good old manual and spread sheet systems would be better than a software messing up your business with partial functionalities or can run only a few departments.
  • Be bold to change to the right system and get your peace of mind.
  • Do not hesitate to write off your investment and time spent in an ERP Software which does not address all aspects of your business.
  • You can make up for your mistakes only by changing to the right ERP Software !

How to Choose the Right ERP Software for your Apparel and Textile Business

  • Making the right choice on ERP Software can save you cost, time and effort and avoid disruption in business.
  • It is not necessary that the most expensive brand will work for your business.
  • It is also not necessary that the least expensive ERP Software will work for your business.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning if done properly is the key to the success of a Business Enterprise.
  • Any ERP Software particularly for the Apparel and Textile Business, should be able to integrate information not only across departments but also across locations as well as across processes.
  • The variables in the Apparel industry are very high. Hence any ERP Software for this industry should be able to capture information and classify the same into meaningful MIS Reports which would help the management and the respective departments to identify bottle necks in order to streamline the flow of information and work.

You have to do a due diligence process as follows :

  • Initial demo to the stake holders / process owners / IT Team. It is very important that all these persons have to be involved in the initial demo to shortlist what might be the right ERP Solution for their business.
  • If all these persons are not involved in the short listing process, it is quite likely there could be a misguidance on the choice because of bias towards brand, cost, insufficient understanding of the process etc.

A wrong choice could mean :

  • ERP Software not working for your business, having invested, you would take time to see ultimately whether this ERP Software would work, which could mean a good two years, by that time your business conditions would have changed a lot, you have to go through the selection process again, the business would have suffered a lot due to lack of controls…
  • All this would happen if the right people are not involved in the decision making – choice of software.
  • Next a trial run should be done with the ERP Software products shortlisted to feed in a complete set of data for at least one complex order which was recently executed and see how the ERP Software is handling Data Entry as well as Reporting.
  • By this time it would be very clear which ERP Solution would be the right choice for your business.
  • Just to make sure you can ask for references and check out how the ERP Software is working for the referred clients.
  • Now you would clearly know which ERP software is best for your business (maybe with a little bit of customization) or no ERP Software is suitable for your business and hence you have look at the option of customized software development.
  • Today ‘STAGE’ is the most comprehensive ERP Software for the Apparel Business and the above due diligence process can be applied on it.